This is my 40th blog about our membership of the European Union and I have 18 more to go before we reach 23rd June. I thought it might be a good idea to list them all so you can look back at any you may have missed or want to check up on. Also I know that some other sites are starting to use some of the information I have gathered and that is fine. This list may help you in your researches.

Listing them like this also makes the point that this vote is very important, much more so than a General election and it is more than a decision based on a single issue. Although I fear that for many, one issue will be the deciding factor  in how you vote.

Here is this list, the first one was way back in February. I have included the number of hits each item has had so far…. for what its worth.

Number 1 European Membership 26/02/2016 173

Number2 Over 30 million dead 28/02/2016 313

Number 3 The end of the Booze cruise 252

Number 4 Calais border controls 175

Number 5 Brits living in France 530

Number 6 Science funding 171

Number 7 Full English breakfast? 126

Number 8 Import and export of endangered species 71

Number 9 The bottom line, ‘foreigners’ 522

Number 10 Migration figures, the facts 315

Number 11 Your continental holiday 349

Number 12 NHS 305

Number13 Calais/migrants 440

Number 14 Football 194

Number15 Defence 148

Number16 Workers rights 500

Number17 Maternity rights 157

Number18 Decimalised time  142 1/04/2016

Number19 Benefit claims from EU migrants 144

Number20 GB benefit claimants in the EU 284

Number21 European wars 143

Number22 Pensions paid to UK citizens living in the EU 184

Number23 Statutory paid holidays 146

number24 The expat. vote 67

Number25 The cost 360

Number26 Education policy 150

Number27 Scotland 135

Number28 Roaming charges 159

Number29 Tobacco 128

Number30 Obama or Le Pen? 73

Number31 Health care (insurance) 744

Number32 Second home owners in Europe 398

Number33 The future for Europe 145

Number34 The pounds decline 264

Number35 Car industry 175

Number36 Ivory trade 115

Number37 Overseas aid budget 151

Number38 Brexit time scale 409

Number39 The environment 59  11/05/2016

Number40 This overview. 587 13/05/2016


Number41 Taxes on ‘fags and booze’ 120  17/05/2016

Number42 General Taxation 84   19/05/2016

Number43 A second referendum 76    21/05/2016

Number44 National Debt   125   23/05/2016

Number45 Hinkley Point 123    25/05/2016

Number46 A step to the right. 343 27/05/2016

Number47 Osborne’s claim 168 29/05/2016

Number48 Immigration 372 31/05/2016

Number49 Biodiversity 215 2/06/2016

Number50 Welfare and Pensions 268 4/06/2016

Number51 New members 173  6/06/2016

Number52 Sovereignty.. the last word 391 8/06/2016

Number53 Oradour sur Glane. 6,090 10/06/2016

Number54 Europol 12/06/2016

Number55 Spain, Portugal, Italy… 14/06/2016

Number56 Old timers   16/06/2016

Number57 Nobel Prize 18/06/2016

Number 58 Summing up 20/06/2016

Number 59 A chasm of uncertainty 22/06/2016

Why have I done all this ??

Well…. I start this sentence with ‘well’ because I do not like the modern trend to start all sentences with ‘so’, even ermm is better. OK move on

Well… I have to declare an interest and maybe an apology.

First of all the interest… all politicians should declare interests, some do … but here is mine

I am a liberal Democrat. I have voted Lib Dem in every election except one… my first when I voted Conservative for Norman St John Stevas He was MP for Chelmsford. He was very pro the Monarchy and so am I. He also campaigned to save a Magnolia tree in the centre of Chelmsford and won. I like trees and this was a magnificent tree. So I make no apologies for voting for him. I also went along to the local shopping centre  one cold evening to see him stand on a box and address the crowd of about 20 people. That’s how it was back then.

I also went to see Iain Macleod MP  in Chelmsford when I was in the 6th form… I don’t know where I got it all from, my parents were not political at all.

Some years later I stood as the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for NW Norfolk, an experience… here are the results.   No comment.

General Election 1992: North West Norfolk[20][21]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Henry Bellingham 32,554 52.1 +1.6
Labour George Turner 20,990 33.6 +16.1
Liberal Democrat AM Waterman 8,599 13.8 −18.2
Natural Law SRA Pink 330 0.5 N/A
Majority 11,564 18.5 −0.1
Turnout 62,473 80.7 +1.8
Conservative hold Swing

I am obviously committed to Europe, and I am committed to Proportional representation. That makes me Lib Dem along with other principals, so a referendum in which every vote counts is obviously in tune with my thinking. Also voting on Europe is going to fire me up.

This brings me on to my apology.. I know a lot of people follow my blog about Poitou-Charentes and you have been subjected to my posts on about Europe for the last 3 months. Only one person has rejected me and moved on, so I thank all of you others who have tolerated my posts and had the good grace to bear with me.

Some of you may have found them informative, I hope so, some may have been persuaded to vote to stay in Europe. I have found that doing the research has taught me a lot… and taken up a lot of my time.

I promise not to do any more politics after the 23rd June.. back to bugs, birds and restaurants