Treme is holidays, Teme is such good music, Treme is tragedy.

The people who wrote it were brilliant, a city in meltdown, so what to do.. make a series which is inspirational.

I want to go there. I want to go there

My daughter gave me the music, my sister in law lent me the video. Thank you, Thank you.treme_wendell_pier_2012832b

Everyone listen,  and watch.

Here in Poitou- Charentes  lovely evening, sitting on my patio, finished my chicken and veg….. Poulet fermier avec chamignon et olives accompanied by new potatoes charentaise et tinned beans ….. So much bollocks, accompanied by …..with,   reduction…… boiled hard for ten minutes,  deglazed….. got the sticky stuff off with a bit of wine or cognac.

OK so I enjoyed my chicken but I was sitting outside in May at 8.00 pm and a bottle of Haut Poitou …. cost 4 euros!!! Treme filtering through, a bit more than filtering!

Two redstarts in the garden. Anita not here… taking her Mother to the Alps… Mother is Swiss.

Garden three quarters mowed…. garden? meadow? field?  Feel more and more like the ‘Old Fellow’ every trip. Need to get a gardener.

Still warm, 9.33 pm think I will put Treme on again and a small glass of Armagnac. Watch the bats

Listen to Treme ….. you might love it.