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I am a bit of a fan of old painted adverts on walls, known as ‘Ghost adverts’.Ghost adverts3


There is one on the way we often drive up to Poitiers, it is just south and near the junction to St Benoit.Ghost adverts2

The advert is for Dony vetements and by the look of it. I think it is not so old, although it has been there ever since we bought our house which was back in 1991. Even then it did not look new. So perhaps the paint used was exceptionally long wearing.Ghost adverts1

Vetements are of course clothing but who/what is Dony? Is it something like Beyoncé promoting brands of scent, or Victoria Beckman doing dresses? Obviously not Donny Osman as only one ‘n’ and that sort of promotion did not exist back then.

Further down the road, on my way back, I spotted another one, just as you enter the village of Sommier du Clain, I had never noticed it before, which is not surprising as it is virtually covered with modern adverts. It looks to be another clothing advert and is in the same colurs as the ‘A DONY’ advert, it may be the same, it is difficult to tell. (Oh and I have a Poulet fermier for my dinner tonight… done in red wine to start with and then jointed and sautéed with sliced  mushrooms and chopped olives, accompanied with new potatoes and haricot vert.) There is another new advert for Poulet on the wall incase you are thinking I have gone completely mad.Ghost adverts5

Here is a close up of the original bit, where it looks like it might say Vetements.Ghost adverts4