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Ramping up to the holiday season now and with hopefully better weather, so there are a lot more events on this month.affiche-pribor16

Festival Plein Sud; Cozes :last day 1st May.(more)

Music of Philippe Bianconi; Angouleme: 3rd May (more)

Atelier Chocolat; 22 rue du Bourg, Chocolaterie Letuffe, TROIS PALIS: 4th May  and again on 11th May(more)

Little Big and dope dod in concert; La Rochelle: 4th May (more)

Marionnettes ; En attendant Coco; Angouleme ;4th and 5th May (more)

Festival International de Music de Chambre en Charente; Chalais  7th May to 5th June  (more)

Les Visiteur de L’Autre Monde; Chateau-Larcher : 12th to 15th May (more)

Half Marathon; Aytre-La Rochelle and Futuroscope in May (more)

Festival de Melle; Melle 16th May to 6th June 2016 (more)

Centenaire du Centre de l’Aérostation; Rochefort :21st and 22nd May (more)

Jeremy Ferrari in concert; la Rochelle :21st May (more)

European open day for Moulins (Windmills) some in Poitou- Charentes; 21sdt and 22nd May check web site for which ones (more)

Rallye du Printemps; (motor sport) Bords, Charente Maritime: 23rd and 24th May ?? not sure of date as another site says 21st and 22nd May, so check it out. (more)

Spectacles nocturnes Coeurs en Bataille; Nouaille-Maupertuis:   19, 20, 21, 27, 28 May (more)

Moto Cross; Guimps; 29th May to 3rd July… That’s a very long race! (more)