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In my ongoing attempt to bring you some facts, I have been looking through the internet and the papers to see which overseas politicians and statesmen have spoken in favour of our continued EU membership and which have spoken against it.maxresdefaultMarine-Le-Pen-Front-National

You can argue that these people should not interfere, but that view tends to be expressed by the opposite side when support is forthcoming for the rival campaign.

Barack Obama is arguably the most important figure to express his support for the remain campaign. Here are a few others, with references so you can see exactly what they have said.

Pope Francis reference

Xi Jinping (Chinese president) reference

8 US Treasury secretaries from the time of Nixon through to Bill Clinton. reference

Christine Lagarde (Head of the International Monetary Fund) reference

Jens Stoltenberg (NATO secretary general) reference

Hillary Clinton (Democrat front runner) reference

John Key (New Zealand Prime Minister)  reference

Speaking up for Brexit we have.

Marine Le Pen (Front National leader in France)

Sergey Lavrov ( Russian Foreign Minister) reference

Geert Wilders (Leader of far right Dutch ‘Freedom Party’) reference

ISIS, views expressed by  Aimen Dean (Ex Al-Qaida fighter) reference

Matteo Salvini ( Northern League, Italy’s far right party) reference

I expect there are others on both sides of the argument but I think this gives you a flavour of the pros and the antis.

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