Euro flagsThose living in Scotland, with a university education or aged below 30 are most likely to want to stay in the EU, according to new polling data released by YouGov.

60% of people in Scotland say they want to stay in the EU.  So what would happen if the overall result was to leave the EU? Also 56% in Wales would rather stay in the EU.

Another interesting statistic from this poll is that 74% of people with a University education want to stay in the EU, 56% with an education to ‘A’ level standard want to stay in and only 36% of those with an education at the GCSE standard wish to remain in the EU. ?????? Anyway that is not what this blog is about.

Will the people of Scotland know how they voted? I cant find this out, what I have found is that polls will be open from 0700 GMT to 2200 GMT. Counting will begin as soon as polls close and will carry on overnight.

There will be 12 centres across Britain where counts are collated, and the final result will be declared in Manchester in northern England. Will we know the results from each of the 12 centres or will we just get the overall result. One thing you can be sure of is that the BBC will run exit polls and will be predicting the result from 1 minute past 10 o’clock.

The likely hood is that one way or another the SNP will make it clear to the Scottish electorate how the vote went and if it results in a vote to leave then they will certainly be calling for a second referendum on Scottish membership of the UK.

Interviewed recently by Andrew Marr, the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon came close to promising a second independence vote if Britain votes to leave. The shift in Scottish opinion would be “inescapable” and there would “almost certainly” be a second vote, she said. The next day the party’s Westminster leader, Angus Robertson, said Scots ‘ will demand a referendum if they are forced out of the EU’

So where would that leave England? Out of Europe and a reduced UK, it would most definitely be Little Britain.

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