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Euro flagsSupporters of an exit say British taxpayers would save about 10 billion pounds  a year if they no longer had to contribute to the E.U. budget.

However  Britain would have to spend more on the government functions that are now handled by the E.U. so the saving would be less than 10 billion.

How much is 10 billion pounds, what does it represent?

This is what we are spending.

Pensions 153.3 billion     Health 137.9 billion         Education 89.4 billion

Defence 45.1 billion        Welfare 110.5 billion       Grand total 759.5 billion

10 billion pounds amounts to just 1.3 percent of the government’s total budgeted spending for its current fiscal year. Check it out

So we save this relatively tiny amount and risk our economy…. the words of the New York Times… not mine

‘Ultimately, separating from the European union is highly unlikely to yield the economic bounty that supporters of “brexit” have promised and it would leave Britain more isolated and probably poorer.’

Source; New York Times …. read the full article, click. Leaving the EU would harm Britain’s economy

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