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Euro flagsArguably, the people most likely to be affected by the EU referendum are those who live in Europe. Could their vote affect the outcome, well obviously yes and the more so if the outcome is a very close run thing as it may well be.

Figures are as ever difficult to come by and the more you research something the more figures you get. Estimates as to the number of Bits living abroad vary and I have found estimates between 3.97 million to 5.6 million. One thing which is for sure is that if you have been living abroad for more than 15 years then you are not entitled to vote. Also, obviously you need to register in order to vote. This can evidently easily be archived on line. Electoral registration form

What is the number of people living in Britain who can vote?  At the last election it was 46,420,413 and of those only 66.1% bothered. Incidentally this was the highest turn out since Blair was elected.  Now if we assume the number of expats who could vote is something between  the lower estimate of 4 million and the upper estimate of 5.6 million, lets say 4.7 million then that represents 10.1% of the electorate.

This is a very significant number.

Even if we just consider Brits living in the EU, although where you live in the world does not affect your right to vote, but perhaps Brits living in the EU are more likely to vote as they have most to loose We have 1.2 million living in the EU and this still represents 2.6% of the electorate. This in a close run election is a formidable amount.

So if you care, make sure you get a vote and use it, not long to get it sorted out now… about one week left.

Incidentally I also discovered in my research this statistic which I do not suppose many of you would have expected. The number of votes the Liberal Democrats received in the last general election, was 2,415,862 and the Scottish Nationalists who did so well and are now a major force in British politics received 1,454,436 votes. Hmmm.

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