EU flagIn my last blog, number 19, I provided you with some facts about EU migrants claiming benefits in the UK.  Normally I like to move on to something quite different.  However I thought that it would be an interesting juxtaposition to look at the number of UK citizens claiming benefit in the EU.

There are at least 30,000 Britons receiving unemployment benefit in the EU, according to research by the Guardian.

There are five times as many Brits claiming benefits in Ireland as Irish claiming benefits in the UK.

Benefits elsewhere in Europe are often much more generous than in the UK. A Briton in France receives more than three times as much as a jobless French person in the UK.

Some 6,022 Britons are currently claiming unemployment benefit in Germany, compared with 1,470 German nationals doing the same in the UK

When Josh Taylor living in Spain, had a three-month break between his contracts for teaching English as a foreign language in June 2011 he claimed unemployment benefit. The benefit worked out to about 60-70% of what he had been earning as a teacher, netting him around €700 a month in benefits. “It’s a fairly generous benefit system and very helpful,” he said.

The amount paid out in different EU countries is a matter for each country. We are often told that the UK is very generous and that attracts migrants. I found these figures which are from 2010 but still relevant.

Not so generous then…….

There are many more examples but the bottom line is that it is not all one way traffic and if we left the EU then all the UK citizens who are currently claiming benefits from other EU countries, for whatever reason, would no longer be automatically entitled to them. That is 30,000 people who might then be tempted to return to the UK and claim benefits from the UK government.

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