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EU flagLast year net immigration from eastern Europe was just 33,000  That is all.

As I said in my last blog, most people who want out of Europe, are concerned about the numbers of foreigners coming into Britain and the effects they have. So let’s examine the facts.

Leaving the EU will mean that we are no longer obliged to take EU citizens into the UK. It will not have any effect on the numbers of non EU citizens. How many EU citizens entered the UK last year?  It was 257,000 – possibly not as many as you thought.

Now let’s examine this figure more closely. First of all let’s have a look at how many EU citizens left the UK, presumably to return to their country of origin.  85,000 left so  net immigration from the EU was 172,000.

Numbers above a few hundred can be difficult to envisage. So what does 172,000 amount to? The place with the nearest population to this is Richmond on Thames which according to Wikipedia has a population of 172,355.   Wembley Stadium has 90,000 seats, so the increase in the number of Europeans is the equivalent of less than 2 Wembley Stadiums.

Let’s continue our analysis because often the area of concern is not directed to all EU citizens but just the ones from what are perceived to be the poorer countries……….

Migration watch splits the EU up into three groups.

EU14, which is the western (richer?) countries.

EU8 is the more eastern (poorer?) countries comprising Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungry, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

EU2 is the newest members – Bulgaria and Romania.

69,000 from EU group 8 entered the UK in the year to September 2015  and 42,000 from the same group went home giving net immigration of  just 27,000.

The numbers for EU 2 group were 55,000 entering the UK and 49,000 going home giving a figure for net immigration of  only 6,000. That is all… Why do we not get these facts?

I can understand the likes of Farrage trying to conceal them but when the BBC reported recently about immigration it was simply ‘net immigration 323,000’ and I bet most of you thought this was predominantly the Eastern Europeans. In fact the vast bulk of EU immigrants come from Western Europe with an even greater number coming from outside the EU and their numbers would not be affected in any way by our exit from the EU.

So what many are worrying about is a net  immigration of 33,000 people of broadly eastern European nationality coming into the UK which we would be able to prevent if we left the EU.

You can check all these figures and find out much more about migration by visiting Migration Watch UK