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Lets be honest the main issue is foreigners…….. For the majority of people who say they intend to vote to leave, it is a lot to do with the number of foreigners entering the UK. EU flag  I have talked about imports of alcohol, scientific research funding, maintaining the peace, the protection of endangered wildlife and there are many many more issues which leaving the EU could/will affect, and I will write about some more of these in the run up to 23rd June.

BUT if you, as most people who say they intend to vote out, are asked what are  reasons for that decision, you will in the main, come up with at best two reasons.

Number one will be something to do with border controls, too many foreigners, overstretched resources, taking our jobs, sponging off our benefits. You may put it in a polite way or a blatantly racist way, often prefixed by I am not a racist, but…. However it is put it can be summed up as foreigners.

Number two might be something along the lines of bringing powers back to Westminster, restoring our sovereignty, not having Johnny foreigner telling us what to do, etc. If you want to get into an argument and with people expressing their views in such away, it is probably best avoided, then you could ask them to state three decisions which have been made in Brussels and how they have adversely affected their lives. And apart from going back to ‘letting in too many foreigners’ I doubt they will be able to come up with any.

So in the future blogs about European membership, I will present you with some facts and some opinions which go to the bottom line….. Foreigners.

For those of you who do not read the Daily Mail I will also continue to cover some of the other issues. Like how it might affect the future of the United Kingdom (second Scottish referendum) or how it could affect your second home in Europe.

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