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EU flag‘Full English Breakfast Sir?’ followed by ‘I am sorry but we have no bacon, black pudding, or sausages’

‘OK I will just have the  fried eggs, mushrooms, fried slice and tomatoes then’

Not a very Full English breakfast, but it could happen.

British pig farmers are struggling.  This is a largely due to with Russia boycotting British products in retaliation for the sanctions we imposed because they annexed the Crimea and because of their backing of eastern Ukraine.

In a Guardian article from 16th January, 2016 it said,

‘In an attempt to stop prices falling, the European commission has started paying farmers to store some of their product for up to five months. By taking it off the market they hope to manage supply and stabilise prices.’

EU subsidies are just about keeping the British pig farmers afloat; even so many are giving up on pig production. Without the EU backing  British pig production could all but collapse. No pigs; no bacon; no black pudding; no pork sausages; and so a not very full English breakfast.

To find out more about the effects of a no vote on British farming read the National Farmers report ‘Brexit may not be beneficial to UK farmers’

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