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EU flagThe UK is a net contributor  to the EU budget. However, it is a net receiver of EU funding for science research.

£5.4bn was specified to go to the EU’s Research & Development programme from the UK but in return, £8.8bn euros came back to the UK for Research & Development (R&D).

In 2007-2013, funding for R & D from EU sources more than doubled, whilst during the same period, UK research council spending increased by just 7%.

Apart from just the funding, many scientists believe that leaving the EU would be detrimental to British Scientific research in general.

One of the most eminent scientists is Professor Nurse. director of The Francis Crick Institute and the former president of the Royal Society.

Another is James Wilsdon, who is a professor of research policy at Sheffield University, and an advisor to “Scientists for the EU”. He believes it would be “highly unlikely” that UK research organisations would secure the same level of funding if they were to leave the EU

Stephen Bates, who is the CEO of the UK Bioindustry Association, whose members include British bioscience and pharmaceutical companies, said that such firms would think twice about locating in the UK if the country did not have a voice in regulating the way in which research was carried out.

My information has come from a BBC article by Pallab Gosh and you can read the full text by clicking EU exit ‘risks British science’.

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