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This interesting type of building is fairly common in this part of France (Confolens, in Poitou-Charentes) unfortunately most of them are not in the best of condition. This one in the heart of Confolens on the river Vienne had a plaque outside explaining a little of its history.Architecture3

The house is on a very narrow street making it difficult to get sufficient distance to get a full photograph, my lens is a 24mm to 105 mm. This is one attempt.Architecture1

Here is another shot. You came see some modern structural ‘improvements’ at the bottom. Architecture2


Not far away I came across this more modest version, possibly not quite as old but unfortunately empty and seemingly abandoned. It did not even have a for sale notice up. It would no doubt cost a fortune to do it up but probably not that much to purchase in the first place. Architecture4When done it would be a fantastic place to live in.