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EU flagBefore we were part of the European Economic community(EEC) which led on to the European Union (EU) there was a limit on how much alcohol you could bring back to the UK. Many of you may be too young to remember, but I recall the days when you had to decide between one bottle of cognac or 3 or 4 bottles of wine.

Now I fill up with wine and 1664 beer from the supermarket and also buy two 1 litre bottles of Bombay Sapphire on the boat. Well you can forget all that.

This is how much you can now bring in from non EU countries.


16 litres



4 litres



1 litre



2 litres

fortified wine

Beer, wine, spirits and liquers and fortified wine: You can bring in one of the above or combine the allowances eg 1 litre of fortified wine and half a litre of spirits (half of each allowance)
Spirits: Spirits or strong liquers means over 22% alcohol.
Fortified wine: Eg sherry, port, sparkling wine or any other alcoholic drink that’s less than 22% alcohol.
So lets be clear it is either 4 litres of wine or 1 litre of sprits not both. Or its 16 litres of beer but then no wine or spirits…… got it.

So there you are …… no more loading up the boot with boxes and boxes of cheap wine or beer.

You could argue that this would be a good thing for the UK and our livers, but I still think we would drink just as much but have to pay loads more for it.

Think about that.

And  for all you smokers I will be spelling out what it means for you in due course.

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