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Sunday in late February in La Vienne, so we decided to have a drive and visit somewhere we had not seen before. La Roche-Posay16

La Roche-Posay18We had a quick flick through the tourist magazines and decided to give La Roche-Posay a look. It is quite a way from our part of the Vienne but we wanted a drive so that was OK. La Roche-Posay must have got a mention in every tourist guide about the Vienne or Poitou-Charentes that I have ever seen.It is famous for its waters, evidently rich in selenium silica and calcium used in curative dermatological treatments and beneficial in giving one young looking skin. ( Not for me then as mine is old and getting a bit wrinkly) There are lots of spas and saunas and such like on offer. Most magazines feature a young lady with not so much on enjoying the sauna.

We eventually managed to get the satnav to  work out a route for us – the problem was that our satnav lists La Roche-Posay  under Posay La Roche. It was 52 miles away but as I said we were up for the journey as much as the town. I thought the journey would be quite scenic as La Roche-Posay is only a little north of Angles-sur- l’Anglin, and it is quite spectacular round there. Our route took us via Chauvigny and then on the D3 across to La Roche-Posay and it was not very scenic and quite flat in places.

Now to be fair it was a grey day, the temperatures were between 2 and 3.5 degrees and it was quite windy. You can see from the photos I took from the bridge over the river Creuse how grey it was. La Roche-Posay4

In view of the temperature and biting wind my wife was not over keen to go too far out onto the bridge and certainly did not want to linger whilst I took photos. In fact all the photos were quite hurried and I think that is evident from the look of them.

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Close to the bridge is a church so we popped in there where it was somewhat warmer. I tried to take some photos but without a tripod and with my brain still numb from the cold they were not so good.La Roche-Posay9

There are a number of large expensive looking hotels where you can get all the  treatments and there are large numbers of properties to rent, presumably by people who want to stay in the town to undergo  treatments and cure their dermatological problems.

There is also a fountain where you can sample the water or collect a bottle or two to take with you. We did not have a bottle and I am quite happy with my skin anyway.

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So that’s it, a small pleasant enough town, which would probably look much nicer in the sunshine and if the temperature was not just above freezing. They do have some ‘knobbly trees’ which I really dislike, but apart from that quite nice.

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