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I have received two reports of people seeing Anteaters in the Poitou-Charentes region.Doue30

This is a photo of the Giant Anteater which I took in France a few years ago, however this one was in a Zoo at Doue which is just outside the Poitou-Charentes region, (to the North)

The first report I had was in October 13, 2015 at 7:16 pm and said

‘My wife and I saw an anteater (yes!) obviously it must be an escapee from somewhere but have you heard of any other sightings in the Charente?’

The second more recent report was today February 8th 2016 and said

‘You are right about the anteater sighting and it is still there. We were driving from ferry at Caen to Aubeterre this morning and it crossed the road in front of us near Montmoreau St Cybard at about 3.00am. We had all our lights on and it was fully illuminated and about 15 metres in front of us. We have been looking on line since as we could not understand how it could be there but pleased that someone else has seen it’

It would be good to know where the first people saw their Anteater, I will try to contact them. I have looked up ‘escaped anteaters ‘ on the internet but there are no references that I can find. I would think that these people have probably made a good identification as these animals are fairly distinctive both in shape and colouration. The only animal which could possibly be confused with an anteater might be a badger but they are quite different.

I have now been in contact with the first observer and this is what they had to add to their first communication

‘Whilst I can be quite certain of the area it was in i.e. Basic, Gondeville, St Meme Les Carrieres I have to use caution regarding the precise road which were, at that time, unfamiliar to ourselves.
 I can be 100% certain it was an Anteater because, as you say, it is simply impossible to mistake for anything else and we had a good, short range, fully lit by headlights, and long view as it moved relatively slowly and nonchalantly from right to left and its long nose/trunk, just off the ground and moving about, was unmistakeable.’


The other thing that concerns me is what they would be feeding on, not that many large ants nests in Poitou-Charentes. I remember once when we were staying on a reserve in Patagonia in Argentina and they had two Anteaters which they were attempting to re introduce into the wild that they were feeding them on a milk and honey based special goo. So has anyone had their gold tops opened a la blue tits in the 1960’s…… can you remember that?

If there are any follow up reports on this I would be keen to hear and of course will keep you all up dated.

Finally this is not April 1st ????? is it, and  I am not being taken for a ride.