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As I promised I would pass on to you the comments of the judge, at the Forest of Dean Camera Club competion,  on my two photos which I had taken in Poitou-Charentes. The judge was David Lingham FRPS.

The first one to be judged was my field with white stalks of Oil seed rape called ‘after the harvest’. Well it did not do well, which is what Robin Pywell suggested in my earlier post. This judge actually gave scores for all the entries and this photo scored 12 out of 20. To put this into context it was the lowest score of the evening but it was not the only score of 12, I would guess that there were 6 to 10 other competitors who also scored 12.After the harvest( Rape field in Poitou-Charentes)

His comments were that  it was taken in the wrong light, ie full sunlight, and I should have got up early or gone there late when the sun was setting. This was his most common criticism. He also disliked the bollards at the side as they were distracting. He liked the lines running through the field but was disappointed that they did not lead to anything significant, like an old tree or some major cloud formation. He thought the sky was lacking in interest.

My second photo did a bit better, it scored 15 which I would say was slightly better than average. I am guessing that average was about 14. I think only one photo got 20 and a few got 17 or 18. This second photo I called ‘Le retraite, fishing on the Charente river’.Le Retraite (Retirement) Fishing on the river Charente.

First of all he could not pronounce retraite and secondly he gave up on Charente….!! Then he commented on what the man was doing and hoped it would not offend any ladies present and then acknowledged that he was probably not having a pee and was fishing. So not a good start.

Then he said he liked it and thought I had captured the evening light very well. (I recall that I took the photo in the middle of the day but it was dappled as it was under the trees) He then criticised it for the tree trunk on the right hand side and said I should have moved round the tree and took the shot so as to get rid of the tree.

I do not agree with some of his comments but I am not going to nit pick.

The evening was good and I think overall he did, by and large reward the best photos with the highest marks but for the middle ranking scores I did not agree with a lot of them, I think there will be some quite disappointed members.