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Well it was not so easy…… First it was cold and second it was dark. I suppose that was to be expected, but adjusting the camera when your fingers are frozen and you can’t see very well makes life difficult. I did have a torch and that helped.

This is what the moon looked like at 2.45 am ish. At this stage it was kicking out quite a lot of light so a fast shutter speed was needed to get  any detail.Blood Moon1

As the eclipse progressed it became quite difficult as the bright half of the moon was very bright still and the dark bit that was gradually becoming red was very dark. So in order to get the darker more interesting region you needed a long exposure of several seconds and then the bright bit swamped the picture with too much light.Blood Moon3

I had the camera on a very sturdy tripod and was using a 400mm lens so camera shake was still a problem. I overcame this eventually by using a time delay of 2 seconds so any camera shake from pressing the shutter would have passed by. The photo below illustrates the results before I used the delay.Blood Moon6

Gradually the eclipse proceeded but still the final light region was posing problems.Blood Moon4

Eventually about 3.45 the eclipse was full on and I was using a 4 second exposure.Blood Moon5

I was still having problems with focus as the autofocus was searching all the time so I used manual focus and I think my eyes were not so well tuned in and I was cold and wanted to go back to bed. so this was the best of my final batch of photos.

Oh well better luck next time.