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Here are two photos from Poitou-Charentes which I am entering into the next completion at my local camera club. It is the Forest of Dean Camera Club, and you might like to have a look at their web site.After the harvest( Rape field in Poitou-Charentes)

I am new to the club and have only entered a couple of competions so far. I have not won any of them and the judges have been OK in their comments but not that enthusiastic.

For most of the entries the judges usually suggest some adjustments using photoshop.

I am not adverse to cropping a photo and I have been known to remove a satellite dish which was on top of an ancient building. I have also been known to straighten up a building when I have taken the photo ‘on the wonk’. But that is it.Le Retraite (Retirement) Fishing on the river Charente.

Some of these judges, suggest lightening the shadowy areas, sharpening this or fading that and colour and contrast are often mentioned and then there is putting in stars for a night sky or extra cloud effects and so on. I am not happy with all this, what do you think. I know their argument is that they are trying to achieve a picture which is pleasing to the eye.

The first picture of the oil seed rape field has been cropped from the original as the horizon was more or less half way up and the rule of thirds is often quoted.

My second photo of the man fishing has been very slightly trimmed but that is all.

The competion is next Monday and I will report back on how I get on.