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This is well worth a visit, we went in August 2015 on a clear sunny day but not too hot. This was good because it takes some while to go round, it is not a short walk.Defiplanet2

The first part visits various countries, there is what they call  a Mongolian yurt, ( Mongolians prefer the word Ger as Yurt is a Russian word and Mongolians are always a bit nervous about their big neighbours, the Russians and the Chinese. Also the Ger is the traditional building and a yurt is a more modern development of it.). There is a traditional house from Poitou-Charentes, then a Berber village, a caravan from the Camargue and a Hungarian house.

With these there are also tradional animals like the Preswalski Horses or the Dromedary Camel and a white cow with massive horns that is actually called a grey cow and some long haired pigs. They have the Poitou-Charentes donkey the rasta donkey or Baudet Poietevin, and there is lots more besides.

Once you get through the countries there is a large woodland adventure, this has wizards and elves and lots of things for the children and some of the ‘grown ups’ to enjoy.

There are also lots of signs about the animals and birds that live in the woods and you might see but probably not.

One area had some impressive pine trees, not sure what species but their bark was most attractive.

Also part of this is a tree top walk, quite high and it sways about quite a bit, so I was told. I took the photos from ground level.

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Another aspect of Defiplanet is that you can stay there and you have the choice of staying in toadstools, or a giant snail or a castle and several others; they all look like fun.

Also they have a huge play area much of which is free but there is also a high wire experience which you do have to pay for. There is the inevitable shop but it is not too in your face and lots of the items are things like tooth paste and shampoo which is for the convenience of the glampers.

Have a look at their web site for more details http://en.defiplanet.com/en-defi-planet/en-liens-utiles/photo-album