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We went there on the Saturday afternoon….. after it had rained all day on the Friday, so this gave the place the authentic muddy Glastonbury feel. Mad Hatters7

Saturday was a good day and we decided to stay on for the evening session. The afternoon is free but if you stay for the evening then it cost you and you have the option to pay more and then a meal is included or pay less and that’s just for the bands. We decided to pay less as we were not sure how interested the grandchildren would be.  As it turned out I think we chose the best option as we still could get food from the food tent and the queue for the pre paid evening meal was quite long and what I saw of the food it was not that special for the price.Mad Hatters2

There was quite a lot to do and the children soon made friends with other children and made good use of the bouncy castleMad Hatters5 and the face painting and other juggling type games. Most of this stuff was free as was the pop corn although you could make a donation.

There was one stage and the bands were quite good although our favourite was a two piece called ‘Coffees and Cigarettes’ and they played to the left of the main stage and also filled in between one ‘main’ band and another. My son even bought their CD and offered to book them to play at his bar in Birmingham called the Dubella Lounge. They said they had never played in the UK but they did exchange phone numbers so it might happen one day. This is one half of the duo, the other guy played a cello. Also in this photo is a guy who was very keen on this band and was quite good at juggling and had a lovely dog.Mad Hatters10

The beer tent was visited regularly and supplied recyclable containers which you could either keep or return and get your deposit back, we kept ours, the wine was cheaper by the bottle so that’s what we did.Mad Hatters14

The audience was largely British and a lot of ageing hippies, but that was all part of it. It makes you wonder how many Brits there are in rural France; well into the hundreds I would guess.The bands were more French and quite rightly introduced everything in both French and English. This was the fifth time this event has been staged and like most of these festivals will no doubt get bigger and better each year, I would certainly look out for it next year. Click on any of the photos below to get a close up and maybe see yourself in the crowd?

Their web site is http://www.madhattersfrance.eu/festival-deux-sevres.php and it is held in Caunay, don’t muddle it up with Chaunay which is close but not the same place. It is on the site of a big house which is a sort of good food/natural ingredients restaurant, Called Mad Hatters.