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The comic strip museum….. well its not great.Cartoon museum1

We went there because it was forecast to be a grey/wet day in August and we had my sons family staying and we thought that comic strips might be interesting to our 7 year old grandson. He had some spending money and was keen on Marvel magazines and wanted to buy a marvel book.

I thought it might have some of the early Batman and Superman magazines which I collected in the early sixties along with stuff like the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman. I also thought that there would be comics like the Beano, Dandy and Eagle, also perhaps some Rupert bear or some Furry freak brothers with Fat Freddies cat. I expected to see Tin Tin and Charlie Brown. There were a few of these but you had to search for them and no Beano and only one of Fat Freddy.

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Well what we got was a special on Momin  who I have heard off but am not that fussed by, However the children liked it and then we got into the main permanent gallery.

This is organised in a historical way starting with the first cartoons and then progressing through to the present. Virtually all the exhibits are of French cartoons, and all the written texts explaining what is depicted is in French.  Also these explanations are mostly below the exhibit and dimly lit so you have to bend down and squint in order to be able to read them.

There are a few videos of interviews with people like Herge, but there are not many and they are on quite small screens. I would have thought they would have had at least a few big screens with stuff like Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse, but no …..nothing.Cartoon museum7

The whole gallery is quite dimly lit and not very inspiring for a 7 year old and even a 66 year old.  It soon became apparent that this museum was not going to hold our attention for more than about 45 minutes and for the seven year old even 45 minutes was pushing it.

As with all these places they have the dreaded shop strategically located so that you can not get out without passing through it. This shop area had vast numbers of books, obviously all about comic characters. Our grandson was keen to spend some of his holiday money but 99.9% of all the books were in French and mostly about some obscure comic strip that you had never heard of. Even the Batman and superman stuff was in French.

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Yes I know this is France, so you expect a French bias, but virtually all tourist venues in France have a lot of info written in English and often other languages as well. This museum is only for the French and not only that it is poorly presented and will only interest French speakers who are mad keen on comic strips. ie not many people.

This place needs to get a grip and get revamped so as to appeal to a wide European audience. Until it does so I suggest you give it a miss.

Oh an by the way the surrounding area is very pleasant with a river and gardens and there is a library with interesting architecture. There is also another museum which is the Museum of Paper…..???? Well I suppose with good presentation anything can be made interesting but after the dismal failure of the comics strip museum this one sounded even less interesting. Sorry it might be excellent but we walked on by. And its in the Rue de Bordeaux but as I said I would not bother.

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Incidentally if you think what I am saying is a bit negative then have a look at what other people say on Trip advisor and you will see that the majority are also quite underwhelmed. See what others say click HERE