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The Chaffinch has a very distinctive song and can now be heard from virtually every location in the Poitou-Charentes countryside.

Chaffinch Male

Chaffinch male

It starts with a rather stuttering phrase, my wife thinks it sounds like Bruce Forsyth gearing up to say something. Anyway it ends with a very distinctive ‘pleased to meet you’  Well it is quite distinctive, it does have a bit of a cockney accent so can sound like ‘pleased t’ meat chew’ and occasionally they can be a bit lazy and just say ‘t’ meat chew’ or even ‘meat chew’.

On this visit to France I have noticed that some of them are rounding off their song with a different phrase which sounds very much like ‘miss you’. Not all of them have adopted this song, some are still sticking with ‘pleased to meet you’.

Could it be that the chaffinches are hedging their bets in the run up to the forthcoming referendum on British membership of the European Community?