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Gloucestershire to Poitou-Charentes seems like a bit more of a stretch than Norfolk to Poitou-Charentes, so recently we have taken to spending one night in northern France to split the journey.  Maybe it is something to do with getting older and perhaps having a little more time. No I don’t think so.Moulin des Forges1

So we went on booking.com and booked for a night in Saint-Omer, a good looking hotel with a recommended restaurant in a converted mill, called Le Moulin des Forges. And that is what it was, but it was in Saint-Omer en Chausee which is not just outside Calais but about 2 hours down towards Paris. As they say on their card it is 15mins from the aeroprt de Tille and from the autoroute A16.  I have never heard of the aeroport de Tille but presumably that is a selling point.

Moulin des Forges2 Anyway it was a very good place to stop, the meal was excellent,  and as it turned out not too far out of your way except that Mrs sat nav took us from there to Paris and as there was a hold up on the northern part of the peripherique she decided it would be best to just go right through the centre.Moulin des Forges3 Probably a shorter route than via Rouen which is what we normally do but not for the faint hearted.

Looking around, a very high proportion of vehicles had dents and scrapes. Similar to what I observed some years ago when driving in Rome.

Finally whilst on the subject of driving, what is the point of a significant number of French motorists driving 5cm from your rear bumper and positioning themselves over the white line in a place that says ‘I want to overtake you, NOW.’  Especially when you are on a motorway which has been reduced to one lane due to repair work and the only place for them to go would be into the central reservation/wall.