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When I first started this blog, I also started a face book (FB) page. Initially I set up a page under the name of Alan Waterman. However my daughter said that not many people would respond to that name and a better name would be Poitoucharentes, that would be more likely to attract people to look at this blog.

So I had a page named Poitoucharentes and gradually more and more people became my friends. Some were real friends, ie people I knew and others were friends that I had never met but they became friends in a way because we corresponded and shared views and sometimes had disagreements and in all but physical contact were indeed friends. Whenever I published anything on my blog called poitoucharentesinphotos.wordpress.com it came up on my FB page and this alerted some of my friends to the new publication. I also set up a second blog about a piece of woodland which we purchased a couple of years ago. This woodland is in Monmouthshire Wales and the blog is called Catbrookwood.wordpress.com.

Recently when I tried to log into my FB page up came a message saying basically that Poitoucharentes is not a proper name like Joe Blogs or Betty Boo and that I was really using FB as a front for an organisation or business. As such they said I had to close my Poitoucharentes name and that I could set up Poitoucharentesinphotos as a ‘page’ and I had to use Alan Waterman as my FB page from now on. This means that all my friends have been lost, and that if you were my friend then you will no longer get any messages from me and so you will not know when I have put anything new on either of my two blogs.

I can understand that FB may not want commercial enterprises using the facility to get free publicity but what I was doing was not commercial….. I never made a single penny or euro from my blogs. I have also discovered that FB will kindly ‘promote’ my poitoucharentesinphotos page  and ensure that it reaches a far wider audience if I pay them a certain amount of money. This it would seem to me is the entire reason for their actions.

So it’s no more Poitoucharentes on Face book. If you want to be my friend then please look up Alan Waterman and request my friendship, which I will of course grant. Thank you for your messages and photos and all the other stuff over the past few years and maybe we will meet again sometime.


Alan Waterman…… formerly Poitoucharentes.