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Is it best to eat oysters when there is an ‘R’ in the month?oysters

Well if the oysters are harvested locally then most people will tell you that the “r-month rule” doesn’t matter anymore. Nowadays people say its fine to eat raw oysters in a month that doesn’t have an “r” in it — like August — because it’s safe. This is true but raw oysters aren’t meant to be eaten in the summer and they are better in the winter.

“I basically inadvertently follow the r-month rule because they never taste good in the summer,” says Rowan Jacobsen, author of The Geography of Oysters and the oyster website called, oysterguide.com. Another good site which is worth a look is   http://www.oysters.us/france-main.html   I think it is perfectly fine to eat oysters any time of year, but when temperatures are very high in the summer maybe its best to back off. There was another reason for the r-month rule: It allowed the oysters time to reproduce since oysters spawn in the summertime. However most oyster beds are not natural, baby oysters are “made” in hatcheries, so natural reproduction is not a real issue any more . But still, oysters grown in cold water taste better so try to  follow the rule. (Note: The r-month rule is only important with raw oysters. Grilled or fried, oysters are about the same year-round.) Other pages you might like to view are https://poitoucharentesinphotos.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/les-huitres/