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Many years ago (over 20 ) when we first came to this region of France and our children were quite young we were always looking for a good local lake or river for bathing in the summer. In those days we did not have the internet and so we collected leaflets from the tourist info places and kept our eyes peeled whilst driving about. Below is St Martin L’Ars on a grey day in August.Pland'Eau0001

We found a few and probably in those days the one at Chateau Garnier was our favourite. It is now just a fishing lake and the swimming is no longer an option. So now the Plan d’Eau at St Macoux is favourite.

What I want to do is compile a list of suitable places so that next summer on this site there will be and extensive list of all the venues where you can take your children/grandchildren on a hot summers day

Pland'Eau0003So now its over to you, please let me know where all these places are, along with what facilities they have, ie restaurant, pedalos, fishing, water slide, Teepees, Climbing walls,and such like.


I have quite an extensive list from personal experience and I have a lot more by looking up stuff on the internet but I would like my list to be complete and personal. There is a great one at St Vallier near Brossac which we visited many times because my parents in law had a house there for some time in the 1990’s.


So do let me know what you think about the venues in your area.  Thank you.Pland'Eau0002