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I have been to this attraction twice  and enjoyed it both times. Crocodile0001 The inmates are not that lively but quite fascinating. Some of them are quite large and look quite mean, but possibly underneath they are OK , however you would not want to test them out.Crocodile0002

It’s not entirely crocs, alligators and caimans,  there are also a few tortoises and terrapins and a couple of chameleons which I found quite fascinating.Crocodile0006






Here is a little slide show of the Chameleons, I took loads of photos but have selected just a few.

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This is a good place to take the children or grandchildren as it is all undercover so it is good for a wet day, not many places have that advantage in Poitou-Charentes. They use the hot water from the nearby nuclear power station to keep it warm and crocodile friendly.

Crocodile00020This is the stuff of science fiction movies…. something goes wrong with the power station and radiation leaks into the crocodile enclosure so they mutate and giant crocs are the result. The smash their way out of their enclosures and terrify the whole of the Vienne, they colonise the Vienne river and progress through France. Only the eventual intervention of the Foreign Legion brings them under control but not before they have invaded Paris and eaten Francoise Hollande.    ??? Spielberg, what do you think?

The information labels are good and there are little places where the children can do some drawings and there are lots of questions and stuff to keep them interested. also the shop…. the dreaded shop, the bane of all parents is not too obtrusive. It is there but you do not have to walk through it as is the case at the Valley de Singe.

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One of their featured exhibits are the albino crocs, they have some small ones which have recently been bred but there is also quite a large one, He/she is white with pink eyes but due to algae growing on its skin, it is sort of greenish white. Crocodile0007

They make it look quite good with mock ups of jungle scenes , crashed airplanes, dugout canoes and such like, it is as good as they can make it.

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We went round twice and it took about two hours, we also had a cup of tea and a cake and it was all quite good but is definitely a half day trip and you have to work at it a bit to get value for money.

Their web site is http://www.planete-crocodiles.com/