My old web site still exists. Recently I was providing an ecology course for some students in Norfolk and their teacher told me that she got all the students to have a look through my web site before they came on the course. centre%20drawing%20AThis confused me somewhat because the Field centre has been closed for over ten years. I assumed that the web site no longer existed as I do not pay to keep up the domain name and also do not pay anyone to host it.

The domain name is slightly different to what it used to be, it was http://www.field-centre.com or http://www.field-centre.co.uk but now it is http://www.field-centre.ndo.co.uk So what is ndo? anyway the site is still there and it is quite large and its what I used to do, so if you are interested have a look.

Click East Anglian Field study Centre and you can see it. The look is very old fashioned now, how web sites have changed in the 20 years since I made that one.

To see other photos I have taken click Alamy Photos