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There seems to be a growing consensus that if there are to be super regions then the most sensible combination in this area would be to unite Poitou-Charentes with Aquitaine. It was more or less the area controlled by Eleanor of Aquitaine and she did quite a good job of managing it back in those far more turbulent feudal days.

This was the area of her control . Its in green, and she along with the King also had control of Great Britain, I am not proposing that!Aquitaine map


Here are the figures regarding area and populations of the present regions and how it would work out if they were put together as the 3 regions proposedby Francoise Hollande or the two regions of Aquitaine and Poitou-Charentes.

Poitou-Charentes, Population  is 1,722,000 and area is 25,809 Km2

Centre is Population 2,538,000 area is 39,151 Km2

Limousin is Population 750,000 and area 16, 942Km2

Aquitaine is Population 3,150,890 and area 41,308Km2

OK now for the combined totals

Poitou-Charentes/Centre/Limousin would become population 6,010,000 and area 81,902 Km2

Poitou-Charentes/Aquitaine would become population 4,872,890 and area 67,117 km2

I think the combination of Poitou-Charentes with Centre and Limousin is not natural, it covers too diverse an area, it is too big  in population and area. A much better solution would be to link Poitou-Charentes with Aquitaine. Size wise it works much better, at the moment Aquitaine is being left on its own, which they might like but in terms of population it would leave them half the size of a combined Poitou-Charente, Centre, Limousin. So where is the logic in that?

The new area would probably have Bordeaux as its administrative centre and Poitiers might not like that, nor indeed Segolene Royal.

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