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This morning I saw a leopard slug on our wall, I have seen them before but this one looked particularly attractive….well as  attractive as a slug can be, so it got its photo taken and here it is.Leopard slug1


Here are 10 interesting facts about leopard slugs.

1. Usually, they measure up to 13 cm (5.2 in.), though there may be exceptionally large specimens of up to 20 cm (8 in.) in length.

2. This species of slug has a small rudimentary shell beneath its mantle shield – this is the section just behind its head.

3. Leopard slugs will eat other slugs and their eggs. The presence of leopard slugs has even been observed to lead to a decrease of harmful slug species

4. When they mate they twine round each other and hang by a slime thread in mid-air. David Attenborough describes the process in detail and you can see it here. BBC video433px-Slug-oh_my!

5. Slugs along with all other molluscs are hermaphrodite, ie they each have both male and female bits!

6.Leopard slugs produce around 200 eggs after mating.

7. When pursuing  other slugs they can reach a top speed of 6 inches per minute.

8. They have a strong homing instinct. After their nocturnal rambles or foraging expeditions they usually return to the particular crevice or chink in which they have established themselves.

9. Prior to mating the two slugs circle round each other for several hours and spend some time licking each other.

10.They have been introduced into parts of America and Canada, but originate from Europe.