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Bastard Balm  or as it is known in France, Mélitte à feuilles de mélisse, and the scientific name is  (Melittis melissophyllum)

Bastard Balm (Melittis melissophyllum) May-July

Bastard Balm (Melittis melissophyllum) May-July


This plant is in the large group of plants known as the Labiates, which means that the flower has a lip. It is quite similar to White dead nettle except that the flowers are much bigger and they have a pink coloured lip.  The plant is quite rare in GB as this is at the northern limit of its range. I have never seen it in GB but it is supposed to be locally common in Devon. In France I have seen it in several places, most often along shady roadsides. You can buy it as a garden perennial and various cultivar exist, there is an all white one B balmwhich is ‘allwright’ but I do not think it is as attractive as the wild version and you can also get one which has a more violet lip, should you wish.

The scientific name relates to Melitta which is Greek for bee and is a reference to this species being particularly favoured by honey bees. Also the Genus Melittis only has one member which is this plant, it is quite rare for a genus to only have one species in it. The genus Homo only has one member ie sapien, however in the past it did have other members like Homo erectus.

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