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The Giants of the sky. This is at Chauvigny and set at the Chateau des Eveques. Apart from the spectacular scenery you can also get some great close up shots of the stars of the show. This is a Peregrine Falcon, and you will not see one of these at Chauvigny unless its a wild one having a quick look at what is going on.  This one I photographed in England, Gloucestershire.falconary2

What you can see there  is a Harris Hawk, these are one of the most used birds of Prey for Falconry.


The Giants of the Sky website is at http://www.geantsduciel.com/

So you can check out when they are open costs and what birds they have there. Its not just Birds of Prey they also have Storks, Parrots and Vultures.


You might like to look at a blog I did sometime ago about Chauvigny which has a lot more to offer than just the Giants of the Sky.


Here are a few more birds of prey to inspire you to visit.

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