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The Zoodyssee is a good day out, it is a zoo for European species and as such quite a lot of them are obviously native to France, though not all. Zoodyssee15

They do not have everything that you can find in Europe, ie no Bears but they do have most species. The stars of the show are the wolves and the Lynx, and this Lynx knows it. Zoodyssee6



I like the quality of the information provided about each species, one justification for a Zoo is that it educates, especially the young visitors.Zoodyssee19

There is an extensive parkland area where there are all three native deer species, the Fallow, Roe and Red deer. Also there is a small herd of Bison which are quite impressive. Various horses and the Poitou Baudet.Zoodyssee2

I always like the Wild Boar, perhaps that says something about my character?Zoodyssee4

They have an extinct species….. well sort of it is a reconstituted Auroch, basically a cow which has been bred to resemble the Auroch.Zoodyssee5

The Farm area is great for children and has some very cute little chaps living there and some not so cute ones like the Turkeys. I find it a little disconcerting that the goats are housed closer to the Wolves than any other animal and in the same vein the rabbits are just across from the Artic foxes..

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There are quite a lot of reptiles and amphibians but the reptile house could do with an upgrade. I know snakes and lizards do not need a huge area but the presentation is below the standard achieved in the rest of the Zoo.Zoodyssee13Zoodyssee14








My only misgiving is the birds of Prey. I never like to see birds in cages, there is no justification for it, the species they have like the Kite in the photo below are not rare and especially with birds like these which soar majestically on the thermals it seems such a shame to subject them to a life of doing little more than hopping about. They have renewed the cages and they look better to the public but it would have been better not to have bothered in my opinion.Zoodyssee1


Here are a few more photos I have taken at this zoo.

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