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Yesterday we crossed the English Channel in order to purchase some wine from Intermarche in Calais and to enjoy a good meal. I hate the expression ‘Booze Cruise’

The crossing was quite rough and I saw hundreds even thousands of Gannets mostly on the French side and particularly as we neared the harbour.dolphins_2210541b

This photo is not of the ones I saw it is a copy from the Guardian.

However most amazing was the sighting of several dolphins quite close to the boat, these were again seen on the last third of the journey. At one point two surfaced together just ahead of the boat. They were also seen by my wife and another passenger sat next to us. I have never before seen dolphins on a channel crossing.

On they way back it was considerably rougher and there were less gannets and we did not see any dolphins but observation was not helped by the sun being in our eyes and the waves breaking over the bow of the boat and soaking the windows so we could not see very well.

More info on dolphins in British waters can be found at http://www.uksafari.com/dolphins.htm