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I have a desire to visit and sample as many local wines as possible. Local is Vin de Pays Charentais and as we are in Vienne that means that the vineyards are not just down the road. This means that most of the wine I buy is from the supermarket. However we obviously venture out of Vienne every so often and quite often stray into Charente, especially if we are coastward bound.Vin de Pays Charentais2Vin de Pays Charentais1

I had spotted this vineyard some while ago. In fact we drove up to it about a year ago but it was closed on the day we were passing by.

It is on the road from Sauze Vaussais across to Aulnay, which is somewhat nicer than the road across to Melle and then down to Aulnay although possibly slower.

They have a dog, when we visited a couple of months ago (October 2013) it was still a puppy, though quite large and it was playful to say the least. It did draw blood but not a lot and the owners were apologetic, though they were not aware that it had managed to puncture my skin through my pullover and shirt. Indeed at that stage I was not aware although I did know it had bitten me. It was nothing major but just be cautious and park close to the building and wear thick clothes and maybe have a stick or umbrella to hand.

Now onto the wine….. well they have been producing wine since 1850, that’s 5 generations of viticulture, so they should know what they are doing. As you would expect they produce both red and white wine, Pineau and Cognac. We only purchased a case of Sauvignon Blanc.. I was a bit preoccupied with my injuries and the thought that the car was parked on the far side of the car park, giving the dog plenty of opportunity for a second strike. Actually the owners had by that time secured it somewhere out of harms way but I was not aware that this had been undertaken.

They have a web site which is www.le-grand-lopin.com so have a look.

The wine is good, not brilliant, it lacks depth, it is short on the palate, ie tastes good when you first drink it but does not last. Then again it is not expensive, 3 Euros 30 a bottle, so drink and enjoy.

Their phone number is 05 46 33 19 57/06 79 52 93 06 and address is William and Martine Gaillou 17470 St Mande sur Bredoire, if you need it.lopin-9-300x108