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‘ Père Fouras, Vins de Pays are traditionally made wines that offer a  delicious taste of France’s Atlantic coast.’ it says on one of the few sites about Pere Fouras that are not about Fort Boyard.pere fouras

I am not a fan of Fort Boyard, I think I watched the English version about twice when ‘dirty Den’ was in it. I certainly did not realise that it has a huge cult following,perefouras if you look it up on the internet there is a massive amount of detail. Depending on your point of view it is very interesting or excruciatingly tedious. Click on FORT BOYARD and decide for yourself, if you are in the second category you may be wondering what the connection between Pere Fouras and Fort Boyard is. Well he is a character in the Fort Boyard show, he is an old man with a long white beard and hair. I don’t know what he does or what his powers are and I don’t care.

I am interested in why a wine was called Pere Fouras, I assume the wine predates the TV programme, The programme started in 1991 and is filmed on Fort Boyard which is just off the coast from Fouras. They probably decided the name Pere Fouras was a suitable name with a local twist for one of the characters.

OK I give up, everything about Pere Fouras on the internet relates to Fort Boyard, he even has a Facebook page, it is  https://www.facebook.com/pere.fouras.188 so you can have a look.

I did find some reference to Pere Fouras and Antioch but it was a page written in French and I could not understand it terribly well and understood it even less when I clicked ‘translate this page’

So it’s over to you, if you know where the name Pere Fouras originated from do let me know.  By the way the wine is OK, it’s readily available in supermarkets, it is cheap and cheerful and best drunk quite cold.