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Well; what a fiasco, you sign up for a tour of the wonderful Charente countryside and you end up in a traffic jam that could rival any on the M25.MG5

I was only taking photographs so did not have to endure the stop start procession through Verteuil, but I watched it happen. I set up on a corner in the village near the Chateau which was a ‘Check point’  …….. Why do they have a check point on a fun run in the countryside. It is not as if it’s a time stage in an Alpine rally.  This I think was the problem but I do not know as I was not at the check point. What I do know is that a lot of people were not having a fun drive in the countryside.The first car through was a little red Midget, he was OK although a bit lost.MG4

After about 25 cars had come through, a marshal came along and adjusted the road signs so that the participants knew where to go!

For a while all was fine though the cars were building up, I even saw one passenger taking a video of the entire race, I hope he had a huge memory card as the course was about to take a lot longer.

Soon it became a traffic jam which meant you could not get a good shot of any car as it was tucked up behind the one in front and behind it was a row of other cars.German24

It did mean that you could get some close up shots of makers badges and wheel hubs.

Even the drivers and passengers, were generally happy to pose even though some were starting to get a bit hot under the collar, not this lady though.Vintage13

I  think I took over 500 shots, and there must have been even more cars than that on the rallye. One big problem is all the hangers-on who have not paid but are just out to show off their new Jaguar ‘F’ type or whatever. It is difficult to prevent these interlopers but they do add hugely to the congestion. Also there are a lot of very nice but new cars, One guy looked quite miffed that I did not take a photo of his very expensive very shiny very red and very new Ferrari. Well I’m sorry but I prefer a 1959 MGA which was the next car in the queue.

I will get round to sorting them out but this year I will be printing less and it will be my favourites..do have a look I will be putting over 200 cars on view but the new Audis, BMW’s and Ferraris may not get included.