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Its time for the vintage, veteran and classic cars to descend on Angouleme again.

This years poster

This years poster

This weekend (20th,21st and 22nd of September 2013) is when it all happens and the meto says its going to be good well OK Saturday and brilliant on Sunday but Friday is going to be a bit of a trial.CarsAngouleme 156

So I will go to a good spot for the Rallye, this is on 21st September and the route will be published tomorrow ( Thursday)  why do they leave it so late?? I will take loads of photos and they will appear on this site a few days latter so if you are in the rallye then there is a good chance I will photograph you and of course your wonderful voiture. Last year I had problems with my lens and had to take all the photos with a 300X telephoto! they turned out OK but it was a bit silly sitting a long way from where I wanted to photograph the cars and then ending up with close ups. So if you see a grey haired Englishman and his beautiful wife sat at the side of the road about 10 Km from the finish, give us a smile and a wave and it will make the photo of your car look even more wonderful. By the way all last years photos, (and there are hundred’s of them), can still be viewed on this site by looking at  https://poitoucharentesinphotos.wordpress.com/rallye-international-charente/  CarsAngouleme 318

I am also hoping to go to the racing around the Remparts this year and of course will be taking photos of that. So if you are competing do check out this site a couple of days after the event.

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