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I sometimes take photos of old adverts that were painted on walls back in the days before plastic and modern synthetic adverts.

Back then it was either painted on a wall or produced on an enamel plate which was then attached to the wall. The painted ones are now very faded and rapidly disappearing, they are sometimes called Ghost Adverts, I did a blog about them some time ago, click Old adverts painted on walls to have a look.

Here is one I took recently it is just as you come into Civray from the N10 direction, you can see it says Atlantic but I can’t make out much else. Does anyone know what Atlantic was, was it a type of petrol maybe?Ghost advert1

There is another one on the way up to Poitiers near Saint Benoit, that one says Donnay and was for clothing, I believe Donnay still produce clothes to this day.

I had a look on the internet and found this old advert which may confirm my suspicions.atlantic petrol