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If you have been following this blog you will know that I have recently returned to France after a few weeks away and my garden had turned into a meadow. This has now largely been returned to garden, ( garden as in a mini orchard, not a garden in the sense of flowerbeds and vegetable plots). However I did leave a few ‘wild’ patches.

Yesterday I was sitting outside enjoying the sun when a large beetle flew in and landed on a willow tree. I had a good look at it. It was a longhorn beetle, dark black purple in colour and about 3 or 4cm long with massive antennae. I went to get my camera, as you do, and by the time I came back it was gone. I looked it up and it was probably what is known as a musk beetle, Aromia moschata.

Anyway having got the camera in the garden I then had a look around and took lots of photos of other creatures- beetles, bugs, spiders a butterfly etc. You could call it a mini safari, a bug hunt, a mini beast foray, whatever you like.

Pisaura mirabilis

Pisaura mirabilis

For those interested in the photographic side I was using a Canon 50D with a 25 – 150 mm lens and a 20mm extension tube all on a tripod. I was using slow shutter speeds like 30th of a second or 60th of a second so that the aperture was f22 thus trying to get as big a depth of field as possible. As a result any movement caused by wind or the animals moving about meant the photo was useless. However some have come out OK.  One day a macro lens will be purchased but not yet.

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Little insects and spiders are quite difficult to identify so I have only named some. If you know any of the unidentified ones then please let me know.