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This is St Palais in March- just think how good it would be in summer…….more people but hotter and in March, especially this March, hot is what you look forward to.

Saint Palais sur Mer

Saint Palais sur Mer

St Palais is a neat little inlet just north of Royan. It has a wide safe beach and is surrounded by classy buildings of the belle epoque era.St Palais3

There are several restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a long slow meal and if you have children or grandchildren then they can return to the beach in safety whilst you enjoy an after dinner coffee and/or cognac, whilst still keeping an eye on the youngsters.St Palais4

This chap was not interested in what was happening on the beach but he did raise an eyebrow every time a small canine intruded on to his patch.St Palais5

North of St Palais there are is a long sandy beach called Le Plage du Platin with rocks at each end, and further along is the very long and very wide Cote Sauvage beach with all that that has to offer. Linking all the beaches together is a good coastal path. It is possible to park at the very south end of the Grand Cote beach – at least it is possible in March and no doubt reamins possible for most of the year….. maybe not so easy in high season. This is the Platin Beach.St Palais1

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