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A few days ago I heard on the news that average life expectancy in GB was below quite a few other countries and that France was well ahead of the UK.Jamon

Then today, yet another survey…. (they have at least one every day).  It said that eating processed meat significantly lowered your life expectancy and this was a big survey conducted across Europe. Check it out click IndependantIt says you are 44% more likely to die early if you consume large amounts of processed food – and large is reckoned to be above the equivalent of one rasher of bacon a day!

So that set me thinking and what I thought was why do countries like France, Spain and Italy all have a higher life expectancy than GB when they produce and eat such delights as salami, chorizo, prosciutto, jamon serrano, Toulouse sausages, sobresada, and so on and so on?

I know we like a bacon sandwich in GB but the Mediterranean countries are famous for their cured meats. So suggestions please on a postcard to………

Just for the record, here are the stats.

The recent report (which I have been unable to find on the internet) relates to what is called ‘healthy life expectancy’ which is slightly different to actual life expectancy so the figures I am quoting here will show some discrepancy with those further on.

Spain came top with a healthy life expectancy of 70.9 years

Italy came 2nd with 70.2 years

Australia notched up 70.1 years

France I believe was 4th??

Greece came 11th

UK came 12th with 68.6 years

Finland came in at 67.3 years.

Sorry this is sketchy but if any one can find the full table please let me know and I will improve this.

Read the Guardian report ( Please be warned that it contains a nasty cheesy photo of Jeremy Hunt, probably very true to life?)

French departments: Poitou-Charentes came in as the 4th best place to live in France with the life expectancy of men being 76 years and women  83.4 years. The three departments which do better are all mountainous. In 3rd place is Provence Alpes – Cote d’Azur with life expectancies  of 76.2 and 83.2, 2nd is Rhone Alpes with 76.6 and 83.5 and top is Midi Pyrenees with 76.9 and 83.5 so really it’s all the same for women and its the men where the differences show up. Still that’s not too bad for Poitou-Charentes.

To check out the figures in more depth click Life expectancy in France

Now what would you like for dinner? Here is a suggestion- local cured ham!Jamon1