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On the weekend of 23/24th Feb, if the weather is nice??? why not visit one of the old but renovated mills along the Bandiat Tardoire river system. Tardoire2There are seven to choose from and last year as many as 20,000 people visited.  This is the 11th year that they have opened their doors to the public and guided tours are free.

You can get more information by phoning the Tourist office at Montbron on    05 45 23 60 09Tardoire1

All the mills are open from 10 am to 6 pm. You get free guided tours and at some there is a sale of local produce and other events going on.

At the  Moulin de Chabrot on the 24th they are providing a meal- you will need to book that in advance ( before 11.30 on 21st of Feb) and it costs 12 Euros. On the menu is   Grillon charentais, soupe de boudin, chou farci, fromage, tarte aux pommes. Sounds good to me.

Most of the  seven mills  are close to La Rochefoucauld which in itself is a great place to visit, (see my post on Rochefoucauld for further details). They are located at

Trotte Renard in Bunzac (16)

Grand Picard in Chazelles (16)

Pinard in Bourdeix (24)

La Bregere in Cussac (87)

Menet in Montbron (16)

Chabrot in Montbron (16)

La Forge in Rancogne (16)

Most of the mills are in the department of Charente but there is nothing stopping you from straying outside the confines of the Poitou-Charentes region to visit those slightly further away.

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The official website for the open days on the Tardoire is http://www.bandiat-tardoire.fr/LES-MOULINS-VIVANTS.html

To see what else is on in the region not only in February but throughout the year click on

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