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The International Festival of Comic strips was first held in 1974 in Angouleme and since then it has grown and grown with over 220,000 visitors last year. It is only on for four days, this year it is 31st January to 3rd February so that is good going to get so many visitors, around 6 to 7,000 are professionals so it is highly regarded. The French take comic strips very seriously as you would expect with Asterix and Tintin as part of their heritage….. OK I know Herge was Belgian but still French-speaking.grand-prix-de-la-ville-d-angouleme

Indeed only a few years ago the festival was known as the Alph Art awards which was after the last unfinished Tintin story. The name was changed in 2003 and the very grand title of Le Palmeres Officiel du Festival de la bande dessinee was adopted.

Recently Lewis Trondheim produced the Wildcat mascot shown above and in the following year, 2008, comic strip artists who won were presented with a gold covered statuette based on this logo. The statuette is known as Le Fauve D’Or fauvre-d-or-angouleme

During the festival shops in Angouleme have all sorts of comic strip ephemera in their windows so it is well worth a vist and for only 15Euros you can look round all the exhibits which are in tents erected around the town. You can also purchase for slightly more a four day ticket, if you are really into comic strips.

Last years winner ( overall winner as there are lots of categories ) was a comic book called Chroniques de Jerusalem by a French Canadian called Guy Delisle.CHRONI~1

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I thought that would be a good name for it……yes?