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Not unsurprisingly several ships have been named after the French river  La Charente. It is a beautiful river running through some of France’s most picturesque countryside so any ship would be honoured to receive that name.La Charente

I have found several by searching through the internet.

There are a couple of fairly moden ships which include the name Charente. One is The Sea Charente, built in 1996 and you can find out much more about this ship including its present position by visiting marine traffic.comSEA_CHARENTE_417421_460x960

Then there is the Torm Charente built 2001 which is owned by a company by the name of Torm. It is a chemical/oil tanker and again more info and its current position in the world can be found by visiting the site, marine traffic.comTORM_CHARENTE

Then we have some older ones. First I have one just called Charente and all  I have is one photo of it at Princes Warf in Bristol in 1970 and in the caption it says it was built in 1958, you can just make out its name on the bow.4181206073_cc8c2cf8ee_z

Next are several shots all of the same boat although it sometimes  looks a bit different due to the angle from which the photo was taken. Note the A626 number. For more info on this ship visit La Charente A626 La%20Charente%20A626-02shipLa%20Charente%20A626-011673434La Charente495063La_Charente_ex_Beaufort

To finish here are some older boats named Charente. First there is one called DS Charente built in Porsgrunn Norway 1935. This boat was one of the well known “Kvarstad”-ships that attempted to break out of Sweden on March 31/April 1-1942 but  was sunk and some of the crew became PoW’s.

DS Charente

DS Charente

Lastly we have one was built in 1862 in England  and was used as a cable layer from 1874 onwards. It was called La Charente Registered 842. I think it is the same ship as the first one pictured on this post but the angles make them look quite different. There are also records of one called SS Charente built in 1865 and sunk 1872 but no photos, I am sorry.CS-Charente