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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe pleasure port of Rochefort has moorings for 300 boats and another 40 visitors places. If you need information about using the port then contact The Harbour Master, Quai Le Moyne de Serigny, 17300 Rochefort. Tel 05 46 83 99 96. The is also a web site where you can book in.1932 map of Rochefort and docks

As you can see from this old map, the Port area was composed of three basins, there was Basin No1, which led into Basin P Guilame  and then there was Basin No3 and the whole lot made up the Port du Commerce. A little further down stream was the Port Militaire, this had closed back in 1927.Port Militaire

The Port du Comerce was constructed between 1859 and 1869 at the behest of Napoleon 3rd. At the end of the second world war the retreating Germans destroyed the ports and bombed the lock gates and the basins subsequently silted up.Entrance to Port from Charente

The old postcard above is entitled entrance to Basin No 2, which is somewhat confusing because there should be a road and bridge over the channel between the two basins.

The basin No3 was reopened and continued to be used as a commercial port and it combined its operations with the port of Tonnay-Charente which is a little further up-stream

In the 1970’s the other two basins were renovated and were named La Perouse and Bouganville now make up what is known as the Port de Plaisance.

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