So why is there so much fuss about Christmas letters, the ones you write once a year and photocopy and put in with all the Christmas cards.

I suppose they arose because you often add a little message to the basic  ‘Have a nice Christmas from Anita and Alan’  and then you end up writing the same thing in most of the cards and it takes ages. So save time and write one message and give it to everyone and of course you can write a lot longer message than you can squeeze on to the white bits of the Christmas card.

I used to do them some years ago but because they are sneered at now I have stopped. I did receive one from Pete and Lynn this year, and I did not sneer, I read it and it brought me up to date with what they have been up to. The alternative would have been the rather bland Happy Christmas for Lynn and Pete. No I would rather have the somewhat impersonal but more informative Christmas circular letter.

So here is mine to you…….

Hi, Well it’s that time of year again and it only seems like yesterday I was writing to you about 2011. Well maybe not all of you because we left our address book in France last year and it was quite a task trying to find some of your address’ and I know one or two were not fortunate enough to get my 2011 letter. Shame because it was quite a good one. 

Well 2012, now what can I say about this year. Well we had a little break in February, went to Cape Verde, there is nothing there….. but its hot and by the way quite windy as well. Still it got us some sun which we would not have had if we had stayed here. That all seems like a long time ago now and we must start thinking about a little sunshine break for this winter. Still we mustn’t grumble as we do get to spend a lot of the year in France and it was so hot in August… over 40 some days, we had  Caroline and family out at that time and we just spent most of the time down by the lake.

Oh I forgot to mention we did have a week at Centre Parks in Sherwood as usual with John and his family, of course all the Grandchildren grow up so quickly its quite different what you can do from one year to the next. 

We have had a bit of bad luck with the car this year, on two occasions we had flat tyres, I ask you twice in the same year. On the second time the chap who came out to transport us back to the garage actually took a photo of our car on the back of his pick up truck. And the tyres cost over £800 for a pair. Then to top it all we broke down just south of Poitiers on our way back to GB. The car was full of booze, although it wont hold that much and to make matters worse it was a bank holiday and tipping it down with rain. Well I wont bore you with all the details but we got back to GB courtesy of the AA and the car came back 10 days later. It was a gearbox failure….’Most unusual sir’ said the garage ‘and quite expensive; £12,000 I am afraid’     We managed to find a place that did it for £4,500 an absolute snip really! Anyway I think we will be getting rid of it next year and returning to something more sensible.

So I think that’s about it, for this year, do keep in touch and let us have all your exciting news.

Alan and Anita…. Well Alan really as Anita is a bit anti these types of letters.