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Verteuil is on the Charente river and is spread along the river for some way, so this is a major feature of the village.

Obviously the Chateau dominates one end of the village and adds a huge amount to its picturesque charm(click here to see my blog on the Chateau). At the other end of the village is the Church, L’Eglise Saint-Medard.  It does not stop there however. Along the river there is also the old mill which is still in operation today and there are several lavoirs. One looks to be part of the Chateau but I can’t  see Mrs de la Rochefoucauld coming down to the river with her dirty laundry for a quick rub a dub dub session beside the river though. There are several interesting shops and the boulangerie has a nice sign with a very realistic looking baguette as part of it.

Many of the houses are quite delightful with lots of flowers to enhance them. We did however see  one old property that had been ‘done up’ and the new owners,( I suspect British but I have no way of knowing), had added a very nice plastic double glazed lean-to/extension. Still in the main it was all in keeping. The further end of the village is dominated by the church. Unfortunately as we got to this area the sky blackened over and it started to rain so I have not taken any pictures in that region, apart from those in the  church which will be my next post.

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Also in the village is the Dixeland cafe which seems to have a good reputation especially for live music. Do have a look at their web site and if you are in the area have a look in.  http://www.dixielandcafeverteuil.com/Pages/default.aspx